UAB"Auditėja" - audit and accounting firm was established in 1999. Our goal is to help clients understand business, tax and direct them towards to a success. We strive to provide quality services not once, but all the time, the quality of our service is the most important thing for us.

We always strive to remain true to our core purpose, so we constantly update our knowledge, improve our skills and actively follow the news and share then with clients. We work closely with the audit firm, which belongs to an international network, so we have experience in providing audit and accounting services to not only Lithuanian, but also foreign customers. Our staff is professional accountants, seeking ACCA qualification and certified auditor. We can provide services in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages, we have worked in various areas of business (wholesale, retail, transportation, manufacturing, etc..), We know computer programs and we can help organize accounting through remote work places.

Become our client and we will be loyal to you, we not only calculate the money, but also solve complex business problems.